Earhart Tablet Carrycase

Materials + Process

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Earhart Tablet Carrycase

Materials + Process

- Sleek, modern, and seamlessly functional to carry all your creative needs

All M+P leather is tanned using a natural, eco-friendly process and colored using vegetable dyes. This leather is warm and personal changing its texture and color over time through exposure to the sun and elements. It will not stay in its pristine state, as it has no chemical coatings. Instead the leather evolves and caramelizes into a finish and look that is truly your own.

M + P cases are custom made to order, may take 5 - 10 days to ship.

8.5" x 12"

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Materials + Process - Christine Marcelino

San Francisco-based design studio Materials + Process find inspiration both in the materials they work with as well as the methods used to transform these raw resources into something enduring and beautiful.  Founder and lead designer Christine Marcelino believes that the best type of design is that which appreciates, and thoughtfully accentuates, the natural properties of the materials at hand.   Crafted for the modern nomad and frontiersman, but utilized by city and country dwellers alike, M + P products' beauty and longevity will appeal to anyone with a discerning eye for thoughtful functionality and clean elemental design.

Process & Materials

Local industrial designer Christine Marcelino crafts the Materials + Process collections using vegetable-tanned leathers sourced in Napa Valley, California and stitches clean, beautiful, and functional carrying cases and bags. Their leather is warm and personal, changing its texture and color over time through exposure to the sun and elements. No additional coatings or environmentally harmful chemicals are used in the natural tanning process, which allows the leather to evolve into a finish that is truly your own.