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Ten & Co.

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No. 1008

Ten & Co.

Combining classic shapes with vibrant colors and patterns these shoes feature black suede uppers and leather soles. Unique colors of contrasting royal blue and marigold, along with burgundy and black wool vary with each pair. Handmade in Morocco.

TEN & Co. shoes are carefully hand-crafted in small batches of woven wool rugs and tapestries, and soft leathers and suedes.  Each style is made from a singular hide and textile, so you know your pair is special.  For this reason, some of the striping and patterns may vary slightly from the photo on the website, though this just means your pair of shoes is completely unique. 

Each pair of TEN & Co.’s is lined with soft, strong canvas and has a little foam cushion in the heel. Both the leather and rug material we use do expand a little and form to the shape of your foot. Because of the thickness of some textiles, our shoes may run a little small (see size chart below.)

As a precaution, it's probably best not to wear your TEN & Co.'s in heavy rain or mud, to avoid staining. (You may also use a leather protector or a waterproofing spray before wearing.)

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Meet the designer

Steeped in history, made with care, designed with love

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Ten & Co. - Tory Noll

The story of Ten & Co. began when Brooklyn based designer Tory Noll, while on a trip to Marrakech, was struck by the beauty of some discarded rug scraps and on a whim decided to have a pair of Oxfords made from the fabric. The result was a resounding success, and with that Tory realized that she had found the perfect way to combine her creative drive and skill as a designer with her love of textile art. Ten & Co. promises a shoe that is comfortable and beautiful, masterfully crafted from authentic North African textiles that were discerningly and thoughtfully sourced.  Each pair is unique and one of a kind. "I hope at the end of the day people like my shoes even without knowing their story and that they speak for themselves," says Tory, "but they come rich with history all the same."

Process & Materials

The primary feature of each shoe is the upcycled textile that gives it it's unique feel and style, but equal emphasis is placed on finding a pairing of supple leather or suede that best highlights and accentuates the textile's individual pattern. Whether working with a wool rug from the Atlas mountains, a camel wool blanket dyed with indigo, or a cotton flax djellaba, Tory collaborates with as many as four master cobblers to give these textiles new life and create unique, beautiful shoes rich in history and craftsmanship.