A modern, twist-style ballpoint pen. Uses standard Parker style refills. Part of the Precision Collection featuring a minimalist, modern design.

Windmill Beech

Reclaimed in Portland from global shipping crates used to import windmills and other products from Europe, Windmill Beech is bursting with character. Its blonde-tan palette with occasional veins of brown and peach provide a light, fresh look. Distinctive iridescent rays and occasional dark veins of spalting give European Beech a sophisticated, subtle texture.

Rescued Wild Black Cherry

The Cherry tree is an icon of the American South. Cherry wood is among the most premium choices for flooring and furniture. Fortunately, these trees are so plentiful in the Southeast that they are often removed during landscaping projects. Our partner rescues these beauties from the chipper, kiln dries them, and creates usable lumber.

Handcrafted in Chicago.

Standard refills available

Includes a brief printed history of the woods in each package.

Always, completely, no matter what, guaranteed

Tree planting donation to the National Forest Foundation for each pen sold.

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Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Low Impact Process
  • Recycled Materials

Meet the designer

Making Something More

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Allegory Handcrafted Goods Co. - Chad Schumacher

A good pen is like a good watch - everybody should own one, and it should last you a long, long time.  Allegory was founded on the principal of creating deeper value in the objects we use everyday, and we couldn't agree with this sentiment more. Their pens are crafted from reclaimed woods that are up to 50,000 years old, giving each writing instrument a unique story of it's own to complement it's beautiful appearance and precise design. Not only does Allegory reuse these ancient natural resources, but they also give back through their partnership with the National Forest Foundation, which plants a tree for every few pens they sell.  Who knew you could feel so good about a pen?

Process & Materials

Allegory aims to make the objects in our lives meaningful again through the stories of their reclaimed woods. From Bog Oak to Barn Wood, to Sinker Cypress and Ancient Kauri, each material has it's own story to tell. Some of these woods are many thousands of years old, while others witnessed amazing events or took long journeys. One thing they all have in common is a previous life, and Allegory's goal is to connect you with something timeless through the woods' story.  Allegory demonstrates that it is possible to protect natural resources while still using them to make great products.  They use reclaimed wood and additionally partner with the National Forest Foundation, which plants a tree for every few pens sold.