Traveler's Skin Care Set

Ursa Major

Travelers skin care kit

Traveler's Skin Care Set

Ursa Major

A sure-fire win for the traveling man who must go in style. This set contains travel-friendly versions of our products housed in a handsome accessory bag, which doubles as a back-up or mini Dopp kit. 

Inside you'll find: 

•Fantastic Face Wash (2 fl oz)
• Stellar Shave Cream (2 fl oz)
• Fortifying Face Balm (0.5 fl oz)
• Essential Face Wipes (5 single wipes)
• Topo Designs accessory bag in the exclusive UM camo/teal green style (9.5" width x 7.5" height)

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Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Gives Back
  • Animal Friendly
  • Low Impact Process

Meet the designer

Super Natural Skincare from Vermont

Sustainable skincare line by ursa major products

Ursa Major - Oliver Sweatman

Two years after Ursa Major's founders mastered and released their first product, Esquire magazine declared it the best shaving cream of the year. Since then, Ursa Major has grown their 100% natural healthy and highly effective skin care line far beyond their wildest dreams. Their success rests in their unique blend of health, sustainability, and quality. Their advanced formulations artfully blend nature’s most effective ingredients (all organic, cruelty-free, zero-toxin, and bred in Vermont) to provide exceptional performance and a truly sublime experience—a robust, natural alternative to the bland, toxin-laden products that pervade today’s marketplace. The result is clear, comfortable skin, and hopefully a little kick in your step while smelling and looking great. Ursa Major is absolutely ‘super natural.’

Process & Materials

Ursa Major is 100% natural. Even for bears.