Swellas outerwear is constructed from top quality fabrics made on the same production line as the $300 jackets you see in department stores. So how does Swellas charge half the price and still manage to give a jacket to a homeless person in need for every jacket sold? First, they upcycle new surplus materials from brand name companies whenever possible, bypassing the minimum order requirements set by most textile mills. Second, and most honorably, they forgo an unreasonable markup so that they can focus less on profit and more on impact. Their price point covers the bills, then allows them to pay workers a fair wage, and devote efforts to their "one for one" method of giving to people in need. 

For every jacket sold, we help provide a warm jacket to someone in need. Warmth is something often overlooked among other common poverty issues, and we are committed to raise awareness and make our giving model work for those in dire need of warmth right here in the US.
Ann Chen

Process & Materials

Swellas debut line of jackets are crafted from quality technical materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. All jackets and vests are sourced from remnant materials and sampling at the same location where manufacturing takes place, which eliminates a significant amount of freight charges and unnecessary waste. The sale of each jacket results in a donation of a jacket to a person in need though Operation Warm, which has a laser-focused mission to provide brand new winter coats to impoverished people throughout the U.S. 

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Gives Back
  • Recycled Materials